23 April, 2008

Quilt April 23 Meeting

Man we almost had a full house today ......... we had so much catching up to do. If we had some confetti we would have had a ticker parade .... instead we did alot of talking, talking, talking............... It was wonderful ..... we have a terrific group.

Clarice, Betty and Helen. Betty (middle) is home after being in Florida over a year. Welcome home Betty.

Betty and Clarice.

Sharon, Betty, Becky and Margee standing. Seated Clarice and Helen who is sewing.

Sharon, Betty, Becky and Margee.

Becky was back from her month long vacation in Florida. She was a busy quilter completing 5 quilts and an almost completed One Block Wonder. Becky and Margee are taping up the One Block Wonder so they can start moving the blocks around.

Now check out the quilts Becky finished. She found a wonderful Gammill/Statler longarm at a shop in Florida.

This Halloween themed quilt is my favorite. It's quilted with spiders and webs ... fabulous job.

Isn't this a fabulous flannel quilt ......

I worked on the quilt I'm making for Fr. Casey, our Parish Priest, (St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church) who is being transferred at the end of the month. I'm happy to report that as of 7PM tonight the quilt is finished ... 2 days to spare.

I used the Trailing Vine pantograph by Lorien Quilting ..... When DH was looking at the back he said "I really like the 'flame' and 'fish' idea ... great quilting honey. I then told him 'those are vines' but you know what my quilting does look like flames and fish ....

We talked and laughed so much that Marilyn, Cathy and Sharyn had to go into the conference to have their lessons ............. we're sorry. LOL

Margee is working as fast as she can .... her new grandson will arrive in the next 2 weeks.

Now for the mystery photo ....... any ideas what toilet paper and a tooth pick have in common???

Well they're very important sewing machine tools ..... Betty was having problems with her bobbin not winding properly and we tried to clean under the bobbin case .... thus our new tools. I told you we were a wacky group. Marilyn was trying to fix the machine .... gotta call the machine man.

To top off our day ......... we went to Chams for lunch ........ Nancy joined us ... hey Nancy have fun visiting your parents next week.

See you next week, April 30 ..............

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