23 April, 2009

April 22

Check out that stack of quilts ........ did you count them? Yes 9 baby quilts for Gabriel Project

Above and below are 3 Super Sized Patch quilts made by Ellie (l) and Eleanor (r).

Don't you love the raggedy ann/andy fabric ...... it certainly made pretty baby quilts. Some more exciting news. Eleanor will be joining our grop .... she and her mother, Ellie, plan to make a quilt together. WELCOME Eleanor.

I know it's hard to see above but the Madonna and Baby handquilted in gold by Nancy is beautiful in person. I've definitely added this to my very long list of "to-do".

Helen (above) continues on her Turning Twenty. It's going to be a stunner when she finishes.
And our sweet Lucy is crocheting away on a new baby afgan. I don't think I'm going to learn before Lucy moves up north .... oh boo-hoo.

Say hello to Debbie ..... a new member to our little group. WELCOME Debbie.

04 April, 2009

April 1 ... No April Fool

Three (3) additional quilts for Gabriel Project.

Michiel and Marilyn made this king size log cabin. It will be a opportunity quilt to raise money for the local Catholic Schools.

Check this out Lucy our resident knitter has crossed over to quilting. Yea Lucy. This animal quilt will be for one of her future grandchildren.

Michiel is hand quilting her house quilt. I love that quilt.

Helen is working on a Turning Twenty.

And Margie finally has all the fabrics for her black, white and red square in a square.

See you in two (2) weeks ........ remember everyone is WELCOME to join us.