29 May, 2008

Quilt May 28 Meeting

First off CONGRATS to Margee ..... her grandson Murphy David made his appearance on Tuesday. Mom and Murphy ( 9 lbs and 4 oz) are doing fine.

Second WELCOME to Elaine and Doris who stopped by to visit our group. We hope you guys will join our Stitchers Group ....... more the merrier.

We were alittle thin on members this week ...... so not many photos for viewing.

Nancy's quilts for the twin girls are finished and they are so adorable. Love those kitties.

Carol works on finishing her binding on this pretty floral quilt.

Marilyn is relating the story behind her hand stitched grandmother's garden blocks to Clarice. I believe Marilyn stated these about 20 yrs ago. We love those 1980's fabrics.

When Marilyn was in Columbus last week she stopped in at the Glass Thimble and Quilt Beginnings. She brought us back these 2 new notions. Left is a threader that has a cutter on the other side, perfect for airline travel. Right is Chalk Cartridge Set for quilt marking. We can't wait to try them out. (sorry the photo is out of focus)

Betty has finished her Charlie Brown print quilt for Project Linus. It is too adorable.

Judy (left) continues with her cross stitch project from last week. Clarice (right) continues to work on the embroidery project her mother stated many years ago.

No photo of me but I worked on the binding of a donation baby quilt ..........

See you next week, June 4.

Don't forget we're having our goodbye lunch for Sharon at DaVincis in Williamstown .... let Marilyn know if you're attending.

21 May, 2008

Quilt May 21 Meeting

A big WELCOME to Judy who joined our group today. We're so happy to increase our little group. Judy loves to cross stitch. She's working on this project .... photo of one of her granddaughters. You send a photo to the company who in turn charts it, assigns colors and returns it to you. This photo doesn't do a thing for the project .... it was fantastic.

Nancy is working on a new girl quilt ...... remember those twins that were to be boys but .... he he he were girls.

Becky is hand quilting that adorable table runner she made at the "outhouse quilt retreat".

Check out Sharon's bee ..... can you hear him buzzzzzing

Margee made a commitment to herself the beginning of the year to learn how to applique. Sharon taught Margee her method of applique today.

Now for the hand stitching .... adorable humming bird.

A friend's ex-MIL passed away recently. Her stash landed at my house where I sorted everything. Nancy is busy picking her favorites to add to her stash.

This was also in the box. I hope to be able to finish it in some manner. Any ideas?

Also in the box were batting wrappers with patterns from the 1950's.

Helen is checking out some of the books from the MIL stash also books from my, Sharon's and Marilyn's (our leader) stash.

Betty is almost finished with her baby quilt from 2 weeks ago. She learned a new technique for binding today.

Helen is making this adorable little quilt. The colors, pink and blue, are nice and bright.

Nancy must of learned a few new things today ...... check it out she's writing in her quilt journal .... way to go Nancy.

Nancy and Betty are learning the ladder stitch from Marilyn. Love that ladder stitch .... it's so great for lots of things like applique and bindings.

Marilyn and Becky are planning something I do believe.

We missed Carol, Michiel, Cathy and Sharyn today ...... hope to see you next week.

See you next week, May 28.

09 May, 2008

Quilt May 7 Meeting

Thought we'd start out with some funnies ....... this little jewel keeps us all plugged in.

No Margee doesn't have a lemon.

Sharon is putting a hex on all those free magazines.

LOL that hex didn't work.

Marilyn thinks her seam ripper ran away with the frog.

If you have any ideas what else the above photos represent ........ leave us a comment.

Now to business .... quilt business

Betty is whipping out an adorable Snoppy baby quilt ... we're so glad her sewing machine is fixed.

These 3 are mine. They are the Super Sized Nine Patch pattern by Anita Grossman Solomon.

Cathy and Sharyn are deep in thought.

So they're checking out magazines .... Marilyn and I have been sorting through our magazine stash.

Sharon has a beautiful pumpkin applique quilt in progress ..... I love the sunflower block.

Last week Becky was on a retreat ..... an outhouse retreat ..... actually the bathroom unit was just outside their sleeping quarters ... thus the Outhouse Retreat. She won all those 9 patch signature blocks.

And she purchased all those beautiful Moda blocks.

While at the retreat she made this adorable red table runner.

And finished piecing her One Block Wonder quilt. It's beautiful and no way does the photo do it justice.

Carol brought in her wonderful blue and white quilt. She plans to applique the circles. Unfortunately this quilt was sent out to a longarmer who didn't do such a good job .... everyone helped Carol frog the stitching in the white blocks last year.

NOTE: I must have had my camera on a wrong setting. I'm not sure why so many of the photos have a yellow cast .... I have no idea how to fix it.

04 May, 2008

Quilt April 30 Meeting

Margee is already playing peek-a-boo with grandson (to be) quilt. Isn't it adorable. Nice job Margee.

Marilyn found another UFO ... grandmother's garden to finish.

Betty is cutting borders on the fabrics length of grain for an adorable delectable mountain quilt for her granddaughter. Love the colors.

Another cute quilt in the works by Betty ... nine patch to be teamed up with a novelty fabric to be purchased soon.

Sharyn and Cathy made their portable ironing/cutting mats .... they turned out really nice. Now they're ready for a retreat.

Carol also found a UFO project .... she might have to wing this project because the instructions are missing.

See you Wednesday, May 5.