21 April, 2008

Quilt April 16 Meeting

Nancy, Nancy, Nancy put down that cell phone and get quilting. LOL

Sharon brought in a PRIZE ... made in 1917. This crazy quilt now belongs to Sharon, coming down the line from her DH's family. It's in almost pristine condition, a few worn places along the edge. We are all jealous. What a treasure.

Sharon continues to work on her dimensional quilt from last week. It's so cute.

We had a wonderful surprise .... Michiel was able to join us for a few hours. Isn't her house quilt wonderful .... hand quilting which she does beautifully.

Margee has her strips ready for baby Trip around the World. My aren't the colors wonderful .... her new grandson next month.

Now we come to me. I finished 2 string quilts .... did the bindings last weekend while visiting our DD#2 in Cincinnati.

And I brought in 2 Stack 'n' Slash (no not stack'n'wack). Wanted to show our newbie quilters how the same pattern looks so different done in 2 different color waves. The all purple I made for my MIL before her death in 2007. The yellow/pink now belongs to DD#2 (pink is her favorite color). (Sorry about the photos ... I need to re-shoot them outside) My personal tutorial.

Now Sharyn and Cathy show off their blocks. Same blocks, different fabrics. They also learned about applique and making their own templates.

As a Group we are participanting in a Quilt Fresco that I read first about on Nellie's blog. Here are our Hands that will be winging their way to France this week.

I love this group .... we have so much fun.

See you Wed., April 23. Don't forget we're going to Chams for lunch.

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Sharon said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog with such kind words. It is most appreciated!

I LOVE your pictures! Quilting is dear to my heart. I am fortunate to have quilts made by my great-grandmother, grandmother, and my mother. The oldest one is 60 yrs. old.