15 February, 2008

WVU Quilt

We, The Stitchers, are new to blogging so we thought we'd go ahead and post some of our project completed before we became 'bloggers'.

This WVU (West Virginia University) quilt was made by Becky for her oldest son, John. John is a graduate of WVU, Morgantown, WV and works for Ford Motor Co.

Becky collected lots and lots of blue and gold (yellow) fabrics for some time and did all the photo transfers. Oh and the WVU fabric was knit p.j. fabric from WalMart. This is a Turning 20 pattern. It was machine quilted at The Fabric Shop, Pomery, Ohio.

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Anonymous said...

Just curious where she got the big (gold) Mountaineer logo that she used in the top pic on this page - - love the quilt - very unique and definitely a keepsake piece! Thanks for the info! tbpromo@aol.com