29 May, 2009

Lucy .... We will MISS you

We gathered at our fearless leaders home for a secret luncheon .... a secret from our dear friend LUCY ..... you see it was a "goodbye luncheon". Lucy and her family are moving as soon as school is out next week.

The kitchen .... everyone's favorite place to gather.

We made signature blocks for Lucy so she'll never forget us. The lap quilt was quilted with 'hearts' (we love her so) and loops pantograph.

And we gave Lucy a journal so she can write down all her happy thoughts. The pattern is from Fons and Porter magazine Winter 2007, Easy Quilts.

THANK YOU Greg for cooking lunch .... it was wonderful. Doris thank you for the chocolate pie.
See you Wednesday June 3
Please prayer for two (2) of our members .... Sharon H. and Sharyn S. they are both experiencing severe health problems.

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