12 March, 2008

March 12 Meeting

We had alot of fun today sewing on a project which will decorate St. Margaret Mary Church. Today Fr. Peterson asked us to hem chiffon yardage... beautiful chiffon panels of white, lavender and soft pink will hang from the arches. Church secretary, Tina, gave us our instructions.

Marilyn, Nancy, Margee and Helen worked on the 10 yard bolts (9 bolts). Boy that chiffon fabric was all over the place ... very slippery. Then Sandy hit on the idea of using tissue paper to give it stability .... the only problems was we didn't have tissue paper. A light bulb went off ... well we do have toilet paper ....... so toilet paper laid on the bed of the sewing machines did the trick. In no time they were all done. What a fun day and Nancy brought us Easter Reese cups too.

I'm sorry Ellen I didn't get your photo ..... Ellen worked on the beautiful soft pink chiffon.
We were very happy to help Fr. Peterson today ..... the Parish Hall is a wonderful place to sew and quilt. Thank you Fr. Peterson for allowing us to use the Parish Hall.

And Margee brought in her baby blocks for her very soon to be grandson .... they are so sweet. She plans to sash the blocks with the mint green. It's going to be so pretty. This quilt will be his floor quilt. Margee has another wonderful quilt planned for him ... she got the fabrics while on vacation in Florida. GS will be here in just about a month.

Clarie continues to work on an embroidery project her mother started many years ago. John (Marilyn's DH) stopped in to visit.

Then it was time for Marilyn's quilting students to have class. WELCOME to Jean (St. Monica's)
who joined in the lessons. They are working very hard ...... today Marilyn talked about color, grades of fabrics, needles and so many other important quilt topics. The ladies all started hand sewing blocks for a pillow which they will hand quilt.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: No quilting next week during Holy Week. See you on Wed., March 26.

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